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Frank's POV:

I know I shouldn't be doing this

It's so wrong

But yet again

Its' so right…

"Whatcha' doing Frank?"  
"um What NOTHING" I said quickly as I changed the computer screen to google and just stared at it
"So…Google seems very interesting..."

Well that didn't work.

"Yeah…I was just thinking about what to look up" I replied
"What…for 2 hours?"
"I suppose?...."
"Look Frank, just tell me what you were doing and I'll stop pestering you, how about

I couldn't tell him what I was doing; he'd hate me for sure

"I was…just…seeing what the fans were saying on twitter"
I quickly typed Twitter into the search bar and clicked on the first link and logged in and went straight to my mentions, and that's when I noticed pretty much all of them were asking about my sexuality.
"Looks like your popular Frank" Gerard said pointing to the screen whilst chuckling
"It's not funny Gerard" I said seriously as I turned to face him "They shouldn't be asking such personal questions"
There was a slight pause before Gerard replied
"Just tell them to shut up…or answer the question"
"Yeah but….if they knew about…well…us…"
"The fans would go wild, and go and blog about it and then cry themselves to sleep every night because we admitted it" Gerard said seeming like he knew everything
"How on earth did you know th-"
"I just know things…" Gerard replied quietly

"Anyway" I said returning my attention back to the computer screen
"I'll just go off twitter…let the fans have their little argument" I said before closing the twitter tab, and leaving one website open, the one I thought I closed
Oh fuck

I was caught.

"You don't have to read that you know" Gerard said pointing to the screen "Because you have the real deal, right here, no need to get yourself worked up with your little fanfiction fantasies"
"What do you mean fanfiction fantasies?"
"The one's you've been writing about obviously"
"Yeah...about that"
"Hey Frank, I have nothing wrong with your little habit, it's like me and tumb-"Gerard quickly made himself shut up
"Gerard, were you gonna say….tumblr?"
Gerard looked me in the eye and then looked down at his feet, oh wow, seems like we both have our little internet secrets
"Awww does gerard like to be a little fangirl all night and blog about me"
"Oh shut up,you write fucking graphic fiction porn about us"
He did have a point..I suppose..
"Either way-" I started "The fans can't find out, okay?"
"Well obviously…"
"And hey Frankie"
"If you ever need sex scene ideas, I'm here"
I laughed and replied with "Well if you need any new pictures of me to cry over you know where to go"
"Whatever Frank, I'm off to bed"
"Want me to join you?" I asked suggestively
"I would Frank, but Mikey and Ray are no"
"Fine Gee, be that way, I wont post the never before seen yo gabba gabba pictures tomorrow"
Gerard was almost out of the room but turned around suddenly at the mention of 'never before seen pictures'
"wait WHAT?!"
"Your loss"
"Anyway Frank, mcrupdates will post it"
"Excuse me?"
"Oh it's a blog on tumblr, posts every little update" he said with a smirk
"That website has everything"
Gerard smiled
"It really does"
And with that Gerard walked out of the room, leaving me thinking about how amazing the internet actually is…maybe I judged it too early
OooOoOo it's all about the world wide web

if you dont understand about the Yo gabba gabba thing,look no further- [link] -FRANK MY BEAUTIFUL BABY OKAY YOUR MY SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE SOBS-

And the twitter thing actually happened and Frank tweeted about saying cant he go anywhere without being called a homosexual.

So yeah now thats all cleared up ,hope you like it :XD:

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